Your Travel Booking – Cancellation Policy


Your Travel Booking does not guarantee the quality, volume, timeliness and performance of the services provided by the Suppliers, ordered by the Customer on the Site, and shall not be liable or refund any money and shall not reimburse any indirect or direct costs for non-observance of the service rules by the direct Service Provider, but not limited to, in the event of any delay, carryover or cancellation of the flight, excess booking, strike, force majeure circumstances, not cash inflows as a result of actions (or inaction) on the part of payment systems, credit and / or banking organizations, as well as other reasons beyond the direct control of Your Travel Booking.Your Travel Booking has the right to engage third-party organizations, including clients' clients located on the territory of the states, to provide clients with consulting and information services on search, reservation, purchase, payment, exchange, refund, cancellation of services and other matters.


Any change can lead to cancellation of the order / tickets, and the refund will be possible only according to the rules of application of the chosen tariff provided by the Supplier.Please note that some Vendors may require to present the bank card with which the purchase was made, at the time of check-in.You assume all possible risks and expenses related to your actions, under which errors and inaccuracies can be committed when placing an order, changing it, canceling it, and refunding the value.

In the case of an exchange / return of an order, the Client's request for change / refund of the Order shall be made for each air, hotel, car, or cruise ticket.The rules for applying the tariff are applied to each air, hotel, car, or cruise ticket separately.In the event of cancellation / transfer of the flight, car, hotel, or cruise from the side and on the initiative of the Supplier, the Client may be offered an alternative option for booking or refund of the ticket at the Supplier's discretion and exclusively for flight, car, hotel, or cruise issued within the same flight, car, hotel, or cruise ticket respectively.

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Voluntary (on the user's initiative) exchange or refund is made according to the rules of the selected fare of the Supplier, on which the order was previously issued and the air tickets were issued.Please note that according to the rules for the application of tariffs, the Supplier has the right to withhold a fine, charge an additional fee at the rate / rate if there are no seats in the selected class for the exchange at the original tariff.


Before booking the Airline/Hotel/Car/Cruise on the Site, please read the terms of the agreement, as well as with the tariffs and rules, the conditions for changing and / or canceling the reservation, the refund of the cost of the Airline/Hotel/Car/Cruisebooking displayed at the time of booking and / or payment for the Airline/Hotel/Car/Cruise.

In case of cancellation of the reservation, the rules established by the Airline/Hotel/Car/CruiseSuppliers shall apply. In case of cancellation of a reservation, the Client is obliged to pay in full the fines and charges established by the Suppliers of Airline/Hotel/Car/Cruisein full, both on refundable and non-refundable tariffs. In case of an independent resolution of the issue of cancellation by the client directly with the Airline/Hotel/Car/Cruiseand the decision by the Airline/Hotel/Car/Cruiseto return the cost of the reservation, the decision of the relevant Supplier will prevail. The Service Providers’decision is not a basis for reviewing by Your Travel Booking the rules for cancellation of bookings, including the revision of the refund amount provided by the Supplier as a result of cancellation of the corresponding reservation. Your Travel Booking is not responsible for the decisions made by the Airline/Hotel/Car/Cruiseregarding the refund of the cost of the reservation,and in matters of cancellation of the booking is guided solely by the rules established by the Supplier.

In the event of a refund for the cost of services paid for directly by the Supplier, funds due for return will be credited to your card / account in the period from 3 to 60 working days.

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